Bubba likes Sunday too

In my personal (mental) series of “only in Texas” oddities, I have been inclined of late to rename it “ya jus’ gotta love Texas”….

Yesterday at my religion history lesson (a particular church sermon heavily laden with all sorts of old Egypt-Israel-Jordan geographic references) – before, during, and after the service – I noticed several unique characteristics of the congregation. Please know, I have always been one that prefers at least a casual (not even dressy-casual) wardrobe when attending Sunday service, and think everyone should wear the same (OK, call me a bit pretentious).

Maybe it was the goof-ball preacher in Kentucky that had the “bring your gun to church” service this past weekend that prompted my observations…I’ve not really noticed this being the case before. This be what I saw:

  1. One church guy wore his camo gimme ball cap (probably saying Bass Pro or Cabela’s, or perhaps having a firearm billboard sponsorship above the brim)….
  2. One church kid wore camo Croc’s – he might have been with the guy previously mentioned….
  3. One church go-er had his Bible in a slick, neat, convenient camo Bible cover complete with a handle strap to tote it with…similar to a scaled down version of a rifle strap (I saw him get into a tall pickup truck with camo seat covers, BTW…making me ask myself “do you think he really takes his Bible to the deer stand?”)….
  4. Shorts were worn by many of all ages and genders….thankfully no Daisy Dukes or raggy denim cutoffs that I saw…but yeah there was, of course, the pair of wrinkled cargo camo shorts worn.

And then there was the fella supporting his beloved New York team with a gray and navy blue lettered “Yankees” T-Shirt…untucked I might add…and in church. I thought to myself (again) amongst the exiting congregation “without Jeter’s production, A-Rod off juicing or chasing after his next wife, and George S. out of the day-to-day operations, the team and it’s apparel is now, more-or-less, camo’d….

The two Harley couples – probably in their late 50’s – walked in after the service started and decided the 3rd row had their name on it…and thought all the rest of us needed to acknowledge their arrival, sporting camo-colored sleeveless shirts, tattooed bare arms, wind-blown long-haired beards (on the guys), thinning rugs on top (also on the guys), big ol’ round bellies (no gender segregation for this one), and a genuine damn-good-pleasure-to-be-here look on their faces.

My dear, close preacher-man friend (Dr. Bill) always reminded me it matters not what you wear to church as long as your butt is in the pew, and whatever could be considered distracting body parts…gang, those would need to be adequately…camouflaged.

Whatever happened to the preacher setting the tone for the congregation? This preacher-man wore a tux on this particular Sunday, but at least he wasn’t packing a sidearm….

3 thoughts on “Bubba likes Sunday too

  1. Obviously a congregation supporting the NRA…nothing wrong with being a Christian and a NRA supporter :P


  2. is that like we all sing in unison “Jesus take the wheel ’cause I’m shooting my high powered rifle at low running game out my pick ’em up window”?


  3. Sounds like you go to a great church if the Harley crowd feels comfortable mixing with ya’ll! Also, I absolutely agree with Dr. Bill’s analysis … very true.

    Hahaha, also, I’d like to hear you sing your version of “Jesus take the wheel” … I think there is a significant Texas demographic that identifies with lyrics like that. =)


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