Some things just aren’t right

I will be picking a fight with my many good family and friends in Kansas with this post. But even so, I think they will admit they’re not accustomed to authentic Mexican/Tex-Mex cuisine.

Found these grocery products on a recent trip to the great state of wheat and sunflowers…next trip up I’m bringing Texas tamales and enchiladas from Silva’s (in Lake Dallas).

So, so, so wrong….(isn’t this really called green peppers in vinegar?)


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EHR: Holiday munching

image from (via Google images)

And this Email Humor Received (EHR) comes from my good friend Ron…

In the same festive spirit of the wishful holiday’s good tidings, please consider your culinary endulgence based on the rationale given below…it is a logic that I’ve practiced (perfected) in Christmases past…believe you me:

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My little cupcake

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December 15th IS National Cupcake Day.

And since I’ve officially blown my tonnage-loss program right out the kitchen window this holiday season, I’m eating from a selection of chocolates from the See’s Candy Christmas gift received yesterday from OFGaPal JaiJai instead…and when I get home, the William & Sonoma Peppermint Bark awaits my palette (thanks Deb!). Continue reading “My little cupcake”

Faired Well at the State Fair

Big Tex and a mighty fine "Howdy Folks" awaits fair-goers as they arrive each and every year

Sunday…I took a trip to The Great State Fair of Texas!

What a glorious day it was – breezy, upper 80°, and when you’re one of the first to arrive, parking was easy, convenient, and close to the entrance gate!

Each year the State Fair is an intentional destination. I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said my primary reasoning going is for the Auto Show.

I go for the people watching!

I go for the live entertainment on stage (several venues around the fairgrounds)!

I go for free ice cream cone and the give-away bread sampling at the Dairy/Grain Building!

I go to marvel at the wonderful Art Deco buildings scattered about the fairgrounds!

But mostly, I go for the traditional food of the State Fair as well as each year’s must-have foods!

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Hard boiled and hatched

Yesterday two things happened of any consequence. One was the last day of tax-free, back-to-school weekend bargains and the other was Hatch Chile – only the best chile out there – shopping day. But the chiles were NOT tax-free…a few were taxing on the taste buds however. Central Market was checked and OMG they had Hatch coming out there ears….

All the food photographed found its way into the shopping cart. Did I mention I love Hatch Chiles? I went crazy stupid on the photos, none of which I know will win an entry into Food magazine next month. But is it not interesting what all type of food can be prepared with the oh-so-versatile Hatch Chile? Continue reading “Hard boiled and hatched”

of sorts

And so it is that I boldly claim a small victory (as of yesterday). That tonnage-loss program…you know…that one that has occupied many a side comment in my postings of late has given reason to indulge in a DQ Blizzard or something (not really).

Well, my victory is the tonnage I’ve managed to lose off these weary bones and joints now equals my age (that’s my biological age, not the mental one).

Can you tell?
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