Professional showmanship

Here is today’s “catch phase of the day” from the Austin convention:

  • Protective Water Management System
  • Edge Effect
  • Pre-vegetated
  • Semi-intensive
  • Biotray
  • Mesic design
  • Mesic habitat
  • Succulent or Xeric habitat
  • Worm castings
  • Poultry-derived fertilizer
  • Humantis-derived
  • Sewage-derived
  • Seaweed Root Stimulator
  • Mycorrhizal fungi
  • Mycorrhizae = “fungus roots”
  • Cause without an audience

I can offer up my own definitions of each these if requested….

Back home now and debriefing the convention with a nice bottle of wine. Had a great time – good to see many old friends, and meet a few new ones.

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