Come visit more often

Over the weekend, OFSIL Paula came for a visit. It was good to see her. During her brief stay, OFNi Christina and OFGNe Mick came by to visit. Mind you, it’s not me they come to see but truth be known we each enjoy the camera from one side of it or the other.

Welcome to a glimspe of the many faces and expressions of cool kid Mick….









A few more can be found on Flickr – come see us more often yuze guys…and any one else for that matter. I always seem to have my camera at the ready.

4 thoughts on “Come visit more often

  1. Wowow. That boys got BIG BABY BLUES. Handsome little man. Tim, you’ve got a gift at capturing the moment.


  2. Thanks Sue, All Mick’s “faces”, and a handful more still on my computer were taken in about a 1 minute span. Mick, when his belly is full and his shorts clean, does all the photography work for me – I just have to push the button often enough to get his everchanging poses. But I will accept your photographic compliment – but just know Mick can certainly tire a shutter button finger out rather quickly. :)


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