The other side of the camera

One issue I’ve realized over the past several months is a lack of pictures. It’s not so much that I don’t have pictures – I actually have 4,565 of them so far this year since I’ve started this 365 / Picture-a-day thing.  I just don’t have a decent one of myself for posting to the blog.  Mind you, I have 293 pictures of OFGNi Madison; 353 pics of OFGNe Mick; and I have 26 of me. That ratio really doesn’t bother me whatsoever.

So if I want a picture in the sidebar of this blog, I’m kind of forced to choose a goofy one from my library (the one uploaded now is looking like I have gas and I’m self-humored because of it). Please know, I extend my sincere apologies for the creepiness pose in the left column even though I look like I feel better…the gas thing and all ya know.

My guess is I really don’t need to post a picture because the regular readers of this blog know what I look like…duh. I could ask the family to send me a photo of myself but I doubt they have a picture any better than what I already have.

This is a sampling of the best I have/had to pick from







Oh well, part of becoming a photographer is to get good enough that people forget to take your picture and request their’s be taken with spouses, kids, family, pets, inanimate objects, and friends…and that’s OK – the camera adds at least 75 pounds to my profile. Besides, me taking pictures of you guys allows for practice, experimentation, and learning the buttons/settings on my camera. It also keeps my mind off my golf game come every June…

…and this June is coming fast. That’s the time when older Mays (Dad and brothers) wager any and every thing with the younger ones (grandkids) in a round of golf at the Hays Kansas Relay For Life Gold Golf Tournament – Dad would have it no other way…and I will once again plan to take pictures.


3 thoughts on “The other side of the camera

  1. You do NOT look creepy in the photo – you look distinguished – architectey – scholarly – actually movie starish in the one with the shades. Oh … the many faces of Timothy Wayne May. :o) bec


  2. First of all thank you Becky for the full name…hheehhehehe. Second of all I have to agree with Becky I don’t really see a bad pic of the bunch. For anyone who knows Crazy Uncle Tim…these pictures are very much along the lines of your personality. Keep taking your pics and making us smile with your tag lines. :)


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