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Needless to say, I’ve taken several days and stayed away from the ol’ Blog scene (and Facebook too). But I just can’t stay gone for long. So busy was I over the past several weeks, both professionally and personally, I actually slept when I would typically write a thing or two. But now I’ve caught up on some sleep (and work)…let me tell you all about it:

Picture-a-day (aka 365) has continued to “shutter”. Check out my Flickr site – the 2009-365 gallery kind of tells a story of the day-to-day experiences. It gets updated weekly (ususually on the weekend)….

Spent a weekend at Dad’s, along with brothers and family – I wrote about that on 5/22 but it is worthy of a repeat (in my biased opinion): Got in a partial round at least. That was fun but Dad was much too much on the puny side of health, but he’s good now (so he says). The real golf game is next Friday. Pride and beers are on the line….

Ate fried fish and then a few weeks later, prime rib over at the “LinRita gang” horse ranch. I’ve somehow gotten a reputation of being the camera guy for those gathering (I wonder if its because of the 700+ pictures and a camera always slung over the shoulder…hmmmm). It’s always fun to photograph 3-week olds to 90+-year olds. Being a nuisance to some is also a bit enjoyable. Check out my other web albums – Picasa (why I have two I don’t know except to annoy OFSIL Bec, OFGF JaiJai, and others not wanting me to have multiple internet sites): Rita b-day prime rib Ranch party 5-31-09, Rita Fish Fry Picnic 05-17-2009, and then there was the one back in March Rita Pinic 03-20-2009 just in case you’re in a picture-lookin’-at mood….

Had a job performance review thrown in the mix. All went well and improvement areas were defined and outlined….

A couple projects went all caddywampus with stress, research, evaluation, resolution, and may be a bit of finger pointing thrown in the mix. That is working through the process and after a week of tension, calmer reactions are becoming the norm – thank heavens. Far be it from me to be confrontational….

Got an iPhone….

Bought a couch – left a favorite coffee mug at the furniture store (lost sleep so I made a special trip back to the store to retrieve the silly thing)….

FS and STBFDIL came to town for a wedding (not theirs) last weekend. They got to sleep on our new couch….

Deb went to Minnesota for a few days on business. Thankfully it was not January….

Cleaned out 15 years worth of clothes in my closet. Goodwill never say me coming but they know me and my truck now….

Traveled to Austin and back home within 26 hours – throw in an 8-hour workshop/seminar and call it a whirlwind trip. Took pictures at the way-cool Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (an always favorite place of mine)….

Took pictures of lots of old and unusual cars (a side gallery of 365 I’ve yet to post)….

Took pictures of lots of mailboxes (OK, one more side gallery of 365 I’ve yet to post)….

Took pictures of flags (really now, it’s just another side gallery of 365 I’ve yet to post)….

Took pictures of Poodled Plants of Denton (you guessed it, yet another side gallery of 365…and no, I haven’t posted those yet either)….

Took pictures of signs (have yet to upload/update my Flickr “Signs” gallery but will soon…but at least you’ve got something to look at for the time being)….

Had a 3-day weekend (Memorial Day)….

Trying to plan a September Canadian Fishing Trip with Dad and FB’s – may need to recruit better family travel planners amongst us to get the trip all wrapped up without too much stink bait – hey, do I still need to renew a 7-year expired Passport to get in and out of Canada….

I’m starting to collect my thoughts and wisecracks on Saturday Football 2009. This ought to be fun – I’ve got buckets on KSU to share and, not to worry your pretty little pigskins blog readers…I’m working on equal time and of course the pre-season predictions of the other 11 Big 8+4 schools, as well as the old SWC teams (aka wanna-a-bee Big 8+4 teams), SEC, and of course Notre Shameless….

Two rounds of scheduled golf tournament play next week has me grunting at the practice range this week….

I’m gonna quit this overlength Twitter Tweet-like babble for now – photography, football, golf, furniture, welcomed guests, travel, holidays, sleep, good and bad at-work things, eating, pictures of friends, fishing, passports, and obsessive attitudes about coffee cups – what have you guys been up too….

One thought on “What Say Me

  1. (why I have two I don’t know except to annoy OFSIL Bec, OFGF JaiJai, and others not wanting me to have multiple internet sites): YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! Can’t speak for my buddie, Jai Jai, but you are KILLIN’ me, Tim May! I will, however, take the time to peruse the galleries of pics.

    So excited to hear that you got an iPhone! Way cool.

    You should have mega-tons of info regarding KSU football. What the hell is going on at the university? So sad!!! Don’t think “the chosen one” will be able to fix this mess.

    I offer my travel planning skills for what they are. Not professional, by any means, but I will get the job done if you need me. And, free of charge!

    :o) bec


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