T-minus 1 week

Sorry gang, I’ve studying for an exam lately and have neglected the ol’ gossip rag (aka The Blog). Hang with me – I will be through this in a week.

Yessiree, I’m taking the LEED exam next Thursday morning. Please don’t ask me why because this old puppy-dog doesn’t always do well with new tricks. From what I’ve done online and studied to date, it would not surprise me to be taking the LEED exam again one day. Passing this test is becoming exceedingly discouraging each day.  I don’t rightly know whether it’s the difficult material needing learned, or the fact I haven’t tested in 24 years…maybe both.

I have my opinions on these “professional” accreditations, and the ridiculous hoops you sometimes have to jump through (or test questions you have to answer) to play the game…and will share those attitudes, one way or the other, next Friday :)

3 thoughts on “T-minus 1 week

  1. Tim – you can do it! Give it your all and use that OFNi of yours for encouragement. You might be an old dog, but you are a SMART old dog – grrrrrrrrrrr! :o) bec


  2. Way to go guy! Gotta admire you for heading back to school…
    I beg to differ though…You’re just a young pup!

    Fort Hays graduated a fine young 90 + year old woman with a degree a couple of years ago. She’s now in her middle to later 90’s and is working on her masters.

    Hey Good luck tomorrow. You’ll do great! :)


  3. It’s done, it worked, and I’m now officially “accredited” Thanks y’all for the encouragement. It certainly got me through what was one very ornerous test.


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