History Blogging #1

Yup, history blogging for at least the next week. History blogging is simply updates on what has been going on instead of offering up advice and opinions, which in my case demands thought, typing, and editing. And not until after my “test” next week do I want to do any extracurricular thinking. So throw in a few photos, list what happened and when, and call this “Easy Blogging” if you want….

DSCF3542History Blogging (HB) is comparable to spreading softened butter on a slice of warm homemade bread – its easy and a really good thing if your a bit lazy, busy, boastful, hungry…or any combination thereof. Hardened butter, on the other hand…that would be a bad thing for patience and bread integrity.

So here we go, HB#1.

We spent a part of last week in Kansas for family time and a Relay For Life golf fund raiser. Dad, both FBs, two OFNi, one OFNe, and FS played golf (anotherDSCF3535 posting on that forthcoming). Afterwards, a family cookout at Dad’s had wonderful photo opportunities of the two youngest present themselves. I am the guy that claims having a camera at the ready is as important as having the right camera angle…and then throw in a heaping helping of sheer blind luck and you can get shots like these. Of course it helps to have such cute kids to photograph. They make even the most amateur photographer’s talent look good.

These are of Toby and Eli, aka OFGNe’s. It’s comforting to see Eli happy, healthy, and ornery – last year at this time he had a big ol’ hole in his heart that needed surgery.   He got that and now look what has come out of that success!



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