Somebody pinch me

Okay gang. That was the week from all-get-out.

Most of you know of this aged guy taking a major hickey test this week; studying like his life depended on it; stressing like a heart attack….

and about heart attacks, the musically talented lowly of a man Michael “has anyone seen my kids” Jackson died; and then of anal cancer, as did everyone my age’s fantasy girlfriend Farrah Faucett; and then of sadness and loneliness, as did second-to-none sidekick extraordinaire Ed McMahon.

American Idol auditions gathered 10,000 contestant hopefuls at the new Dallas Cowboys Felony Field at Penitentiary Park football and glorified look-at-me-I’m-Jerry-Jones stadium.

The summer solstice came and went.

Dallas Cowboy Tony  Romo-Simpson will get to play golf with Tiger Woods in the AT&T National tournament’s  Pro-Am looky-here-Jerry-Jones-isn’t-around event next week in New York, the US Soccer (don’t ever call it football here) Team beat European champ Spain, and LSU wins the College World Series by whomping the Shorthorns (rumor has it Jerry Jones is seeking the Series next year for his new play pen in Arlington – yeah right). Oh…the American Volkssport Association had its convention in Richardson – they apparently like to walk their aging membership  in 100-degree days and considered the 3 day event a success as only 1 member was taken to a local hospital because of the weather.

Some luney pastor in Kentucky is promoting packing heat to his “bring your gun to church” service Saturday night saying “God and guns were part of the foundation of this country”. Now I still am a learning student of the Bible, and I have yet to come across any writings about your Colt 45 or terms referring to “lock and load”. Maybe his collection plate will have ammunition donations for those needy of bullets for target practice instead of Biblical teaching.

And if that were not enough, this past week’s odd holidays saw the on-going events of Carpenter Ant Awareness Week (I hate those guys), National Mosquito Control Awareness Week (same goes for those guys), National Old-time Fiddler’s Week, and then beginning on the 25th…the start of Watermelon Seed Spitting Week (I’m there!). (BTW, beginning Monday: “Fish are Friends, Not Food Week” goes through the 5th of July – nice timing since most of us throw burgers and hot dogs on the grill that week).

I’ve got a whole lot of blogging to do…”bring out your dead”…”I’m not dead yet – I’m feeling much better – I think I’ll go for a walk….”

3 thoughts on “Somebody pinch me

  1. I’ve alerted the authorities…and they are still sore about the LSU blowout…so go easy…or you’ll find out about what exactly 32 gigs will do for you :)

    p.s. HI BECKY!!! You ready for some smack talk about the retirement home north? A&M is retirment home south :)


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