777 and a year-long goodbye to friends

It was a year ago yesterday, 9/29/2008, that this crazy economic recession hit home with a drop in the Dow Jones, 777 points. This was a stock market crash never before seen in world economics – it out-performed (probably a poor choice of words noting my IRA value right now) The Great Depression and the tough recession in 1987 (the year I started my own business I might add…because of a job loss then).  Our recession has thus far survived two presidencies, an impotent Congress, unrelenting political finger pointing, and facts and figures that really give me a headache. But the worst of this economic mess is job losses for the American worker.

The recession caught up with my employer this month, and at least three very close friends and associates ended today without an employment prospect for tomorrow. These three are all talented professionals in their own right and our company had no qualms with their job performance. It was simply a factor of a recession not serving a big enough piece of pie for everyone to share. We were running out of work to keep 6 people productive. It’s sad, it sucks, and tomorrow should begin with a renewed and collective sense of purpose for those of us waking up with a job.

Losing these 3 jobs makes one think of relationships built in our personal and professional lives. It is even more important now, a year after our financial independence took a serious haymaker punch on the chin, to work our relationships with conviction and emotion. As I finished writing recommendations for my 3 unemployed friends this evening, I was thankful for some timely advise received from yet another friend. I came across her blog and several of her posts regarding relationships. Her courage is strengthened by her optimism on building, nurturing, and “cultivating” relationships, whether that is applicable to a personal or professional setting. Thanks Shannon. I hope my 3 friends take solace in your advice as well. We all need to spare a moment, step back, take in the DSCF5402seasons’ sights, sounds, and smells, and remember to “be thankful thorns have roses”. 

Enjoy Shannon’s blog post if you have the time: Relationships Blossom and Fade like the Seasons of our Lives.

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