As yet another new page to my Blog is added, please know it’s a public way to journey in trying to be a better and smarter kind of guy.

Some of you know I enjoy the business, management, self-improvement, rah-rah type books, so I’m going to capture some of the advice from those books, here on the blog. I’m also doing other self-improvement experience besides the books (that might be kind of scary if you think too much about it).

If you’re so inclined, over on the left margin (of the Blog page) you will see the page Better to click. In addition to that, please notice several sub-pages of topics/subjects individuated for reading organization and convenience. Check them out…let me know what you think…offer up any suggestions on becoming a better me (but be nice y’all).

If this doesn’t meet with some reader enthusiasm, so be it. I’ll go back to my closet reading of such things and telling only the guys at work about the seminars and luncheons I attend. (Sorry guys at work – HaHa)

One thought on “Bettering

  1. Don’t know if this pertains to your “Better” blog or if it might go in your “Say That Again” subgroup, but … my favorite saying is:

    “If you don’t like something, change it.
    If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

    – Maya Angelou


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