Spoil the political fun, spare the video

On a recent friend’s Facebook posting, I endured this 10-minute drumming of political summary (10 minutes you guys…I’m just saying “pack a lunch” if you’re going to watch it). So as a courtesy to the original Facebook post, I have spared others my “comment” of lengthy reply to that YouTube “TRUTH” (however this blog is updated to Facebook daily so it will show up and allow for rebuttals at my expense, and not that of original post):

As most of my close friends and family (may) know, I have little patience for scare tactics, heavily-leaning militant politics, and grossly bias commentary that tells me what, when, and how to think…imagine that of me, a non-rebel…yeah right?

It all started with my lame attempt at cleverness, saying “TV commercials with clowns can scare (or laugh) the crap out of you….” as a comment to the video and posting lead-in of the YouTube “if this doesn’t scare the crap out of you I’m not sure what will.” My bad y’all…but have you seen those commercials lately? They are screamingly funny!

So I use my own media for this reply….

Oh now you’re going to get me started. My inference is this: there are clowns in Washington – Republicans and Democrats are all scary and laughable to me.

I not only watched this video several times OFSIL, I also downloaded the 2454-page original bill and have since tried to follow this video’s claim with what is actually written in the bill (that is as enlightening as it is time consuming). I do these verification things because any time a politician tells me they have the “TRUTH”, I find it hard to believe them these days (kind of like someone touting “CHANGE”). Granted, this health care bill is a gloom-n-doom debacle, and this video is a sky-is-falling embarassment that tries to scare (clown) us into believing it. Mind you, I am no peasant, nor will this sheep be led blindly to slaughter, but if the bill is read (and not listened to), the “clowning” factor of the politically bias presentation discounts any of it’s worth. I should also mention that HR3200 – the basis of the video – isn’t even the bill that passed the House. There have been 2 revisions by House committees this past summer and it is now referred to as HR3962 (only 1990 pages). HR3200 and this video are out of date, but still trying to clown itself around the country.

Research shortcuts…search “HR 3200” and/or “HR3962” to check other sources. My search found:

  1. http://www.factcheck.org/2009/08/twenty-six-lies-about-hr-3200/ or
  2. 4-term Michigan Congresswoman Candice Miller’s webpage (don’t get me started on term limits here) http://candicemiller.house.gov/ as it boasts how she votes “against” Washington politics (the core of the political problem these days) and really offers no solutions or alternatives (she wouldn’t last long as one of my employees if all she did was whine and nay-say everything) or
  3. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h3962/show or
  4. for a look at the disgusting lobbyist money in play http://maplight.org/us-congress/bill/111-hr-3200/373198/total-contributions

Lastly, this Health Care Bill, in its 3 inglorious versions, is sponsored by a Michigan Democrat (Rep Dingell first elected to Congress in 1955…yet another term limit issue with me), and the bill is co-sponsored by 2 Congressmen from New York, 1 from New Jersey, and 3 from California – all Democrats. Does it annoy anyone else that only folks from the left coast and the other-left coast are pushing for this bill?

Call your Senators. Ask them how they will be voting on HR 3961 and then offer them your support or criticism based on their reply and your postion. My experience is they respond as most advantageous to their political future and re-election efforts.

3 thoughts on “Spoil the political fun, spare the video

  1. An informed electorate is powerful and effective … an uninformed electorate is reckless and easy to manipulate.

    Thanks OFU, for gathering all the information – and for providing solid references! =D


  2. Here we are in 2012 still receiving this piece of junk in our emails about HR3200 that was created in 2009. Absolutely unbelievable. It was false then, so do people think anything about it is suddenly true today? Unbelievable. Thank you for debunking this video.


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