This is really pretty way cool

Those that frequent this blog know of my unquestionable loyalty to Kansas State University, both academically and athletically (let’s not mention the thousands of dollars they got from me here). Because of that, a reluctance to give “press” to the rival college(s) is stubbornly applied, i.e. just about anything to do with the University of Kansas or the rest of the Big 3+7 (another post yet to come). But with this post, I make a proud exception!

OFNi DaniM was recently profiled on the KU Athletic website (her proud momma fortunately sent the family a link to the article – thanks Bec!). Dani had a successful career as a catcher with the Jayhawk softball team while performing truly outstanding academic achievement. Because of this, the University Athletic Department rightfully gave her “press”…much more eloquently than I, I must say. You can see here…and then decide for yourself: May Combines Two Passions Into Satisfying Career

Please know I relish my Uncle status with all my nieces and nephews. I would also say each relationship with each nephew and niece is individual in its own right, much like no two personalities are alike. I enjoy discovering the quirks and ticks of each kid and in so doing, whether they want to or not, get to discover my quirks and ticks (good, bad, indifferent). It makes for a much more interesting, entertaining, and (usually) fun reunion….

With Dani, she and I have that individual Uncle-Niece relationship, but it is unique in that we share a common design “passion”…think of it as kind of being on the same page a lot of the times, professionally speaking of course. I know she is well on her way to a successful career as an architect, doing all things cool and LEED and timely and within budget and getting to see the country and world and meet the student-athletes of the day and talk with Italian hands to the people who pay the bills. And she knows me as the guy that does sidewalk layout plans…. :)

The future is all in front of you gurrrrrrl friend – go for the fences and make us all that much more proud of what you’ve done and what you will soon accomplish. Congratulations to you on the neat-o KU article too!

3 thoughts on “This is really pretty way cool

  1. Ironically, the quote for today came from Babe Ruth: “Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.”

    And I like the George Will quote as well: “The future has a way of arriving unannounced.”


  2. Not to sound too boastful…I will say my pictures of Dani are much better than the file copy the university used in the story/interview. Hey Bec, please let the athletic deartment know I can email those pics of Dani for her next article they run on OFNi…for a nominal fee of course :)


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