Those of you that follow my blog (or Facebook postings) may have read that Wednesday, January 19th, was Edgar Alan Poe’s 202nd birthday. I slathered y’all with an Edgar quote: “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”. I couldn’t help but chuckle over that, but like I habitually do, wanted to take it a step further.

So it goes without saying this guy was really a strange bird (raven). Everything about him was odd, including his writing. But as weird as he was, some mysterious Poe trivia surrounding his birthday celebration/ritual makes his life a whole lot more interesting. I’m always one to cheer on a good conspiracy or mystery….

Since 1949 the “Poe Toaster” had visited the gravesite at the Westminster Church in Baltimore on January 19th in the wee morning hours. The gravestone receives a French Cognac toast (don’t know how Wikipedia knows that) and 3 roses are left on his grave. Apparently the 60 year tradition ended in 2009 on the 200th anniversary of his birth – the Poe Toaster. That’s too bad, I guess. Who was that guy?

I haven’t read Poe since a college freshman english class – I don’t think any of this silly nonsense will make me pick up a book of his poetry any time soon. The guy was nuts, but I liked his style…after his death.

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