Yell, Yell, Yellow Yellowstone

According to a National Geographic, Yellowstone has an upset tummy. That’s all we need – a political climate in chaos, an economy that continues to stink up the place, and now a rebellious park with a tempermental disposition. And here I was all worried about global warming.

Yellowstone has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells

We talked about it over Christmas…I guess this summer might be the time to get the family there before she barfs up and ruins everyone’s day.

And who knew, Yellowstone has the shivers too. She averages 3,000 earthquakes a year. Somebody get her a blanket and a jug of NyQuil.

Let’s see – hey Dad, when was the last time we were there? Wanna go back? Anyone else? Who’s with me here?

One thought on “Yell, Yell, Yellow Yellowstone

  1. I’m with ya, Timmy! Tony/I and TR/Sue took the kids there in 1991, so it’s time we visit this beautiful park again. Gitter dun! I love a road trip!! :o)


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