Off I went Sunday afternoon to the Texas community of German hertitage, Muenster Texas to partake in the food and festivities of their annual “Germanfest”.

Muenster is about 75 minutes from the house and I enjoyed the three thunderstorms I managed to drive through safely to get there.

And once there, about three more downpours provided more excitement as they thundered through Muenster. The festival was ready for the weather however – numerous big tents provided shelter from the rain and 30mph north winds for all those in attendance that wanted the protection. The music kept playing and the homemade brats and kraut kept cooking despite the weather’s inclemency. Grand time!

The afternoon made me long for the wonderful German food I grew up around and with (and in my belly). I approached several food vendors and asked about bierocks – not a one of them had heard of such a delectable feast. I even tried to explain the recipe to one vendor (she asked…someone else had asked her about bierocks earlier in the day), but I was looked upon as a nut who was apparently in love with my high school head cook (oh Sophia, please rest in peace as they know not what they’re missing in Muenster).

Dancing and singing and carrying on. I saw no one not having a good time.

Be the judge of the festivities for yourself:

This couple kept the kids entertained with silly songs and cow bells…

You’ve got to watch the guy in the white ball cap – he was truly enjoying the day, the music, the friends, and the hip swing…

2 thoughts on “Germanfest

  1. What … no bierocks? Now that’s not German to me!! Sue’s mom could teach them a thing or two. :o)


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