Rise and shine you cute ones

Looks like a practical joke...but it wasn't

This morning, for the first time in about 2 weeks (maybe more), we finally had a sunrise visible to those of us that enjoy sunrises and look forward to each day’s arrival….

The fisherman, both human and aviarian were out; the morning temperatures were cool, the air refreshing,

As my massage therapist told me yesterday – yes I got a fourth cupping during a 1-hour session, and yes again, Tony is working wonders on this big ol’ body of mine – saying “you go to the sunrise for a reason…you just may not realize what it is yet”. That’s another blog post for sure!

In the mean time, know that I enjoyed today’s sunrise over Lewisville Lake, as did this young family….

Walking to the sunrise or away from me? Perhaps both...
If this doesn't put a smile on your face to start the morning, then we need to talk

2 thoughts on “Rise and shine you cute ones

  1. Ahhhhhhhh – that last picture is tooooooo cute! #2 and #3 kinda got outta line – always one or two in a family, ya know?!? :o)


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