More Golf Fun from yesterday

I took over 1400 pictures yesterday! This series could go on for a long, long time y’all (just kidding…on the series going on for a long time…maybe a week…OK, maybe not):

The Gang of Mays

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Smack down golf

OFB TR started it today. There were a few barbs trade via email…creativity was shared without a tee time reservation.

Friday’s golf outing amongst the family should be fun, interesting, and full of…well…lets just saw if history is any indication of what’s in store for the course, I will need to be a designated golf cart driver for the “young’uns” and their run to the liquor store (losers by the beer) will be sobering. Dad and his 3 sons (the old timers 0r “old farts” if you’d rather) versus 4 of his 5 grandkids (the “Young’uns). It is safe to say we talk (and Photoshop) better than we play the game.

Here are the traded smack photos for today. I must say they are kind of funny. The photo-doctoring all started with OFNi Dani’s clever and humorous talent.  Continue reading “Smack down golf”

Teed Off and Ready

This is the one week of the year that I dust off my golf clubs (more like clear off the cobwebs) and slip into my golf shoes (but check for spider nests in the toes first). Golf is played twice in one week’s time: Monday in Texas, Friday in Kansas (both charity fundraisers BTW). I play twice a year, and both those tee times are in the same week.

This is the week I also seek counsel from my clergy friends to help me through the next five days.  My possessed golf clubs, when used infrequently, have a way of controlling a meek personality, any kind of recreational fun, and testing one’s conviction to the 3rd commandment. Maybe if I listen to gospel music on the iPod while attempting to play this silly game might help….hmmmm

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April Madness

At the main office of my employment, youth is slow to move along this time of year. College basketball inspires a select group of players with a stirring of competitive juices. And then they get after each other for nothing more than braggin’ rights for 11 months, or for some smack talk at each pickup game throughout the year. They are a fun lot to be around and watch.

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“I think he’s going to eat Gary”

I do love that M&M commercial….

I do not love the SI article, College Football and Crime, in that it whistles the top college football programs and flags the criminals they recruit and/or keep on the team…all for the sake of TV dollars and fleeting glory. As most of you know, I have repeatedly claimed I didn’t like or watch Pro Football because the college game was mostly guys playing for the love of the sport and in the spirit of campus camaraderie (that good ol’ college try, why don’t ya?).

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The commercials and their game

So many times before, the Super Bowl commercials have out-played the teams at the NFL’s biggest event. I heard a statistic last week, from a media source I can no longer remember, that more than half the television viewers of the Super Bowl watch primarily to see the commercials. Now I sit down each year to watch the game, and will admit, many games have caused me to get refills, food, and frequent the commode during football play and be back in my seat in time for the commercials.

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A snow day for most

Today it was cold, cold, cold, cold, cooooollllddddd for north Texas. It started with thunder-n-lightning rain about 3:30 this morning, then that turned to sleet about 4:30, and the wind chill was around 0°. Perfect weather for Mackie, Queen of Scots – she suggested we make the best of the day since there was no way the boss man was driving to Fort Worth today (and maybe tomorrow): Continue reading “A snow day for most”

Where have all the basketballs gone?

Long time (not) passing…or assists…or scoring…or team play.

Please know, I show you this with an admittedly sour attitude (no kidding!) after watching a woefully played basketball game between my beloved (KSU) Wildcats and the Baylor Bears last night. It was a game where fouls were as abundant as turnovers and charging calls…What is it that seniors cannot figure out when to “Pull-en” up for the shot or “Pull-en” it out and set a play. Geezz! Continue reading “Where have all the basketballs gone?”

Sign Sign, Everywhere a Sign

It seems like every day of the week I get another of my way-too-many e-newsletters related to my profession, sometimes only ever so remotely related to the things I do (or better said: “want to”…maybe “should do”). So many I get that sometimes a quick click of the “X” in the toolbar without even a quick look-see is done just to keep the ol’ inbox manageable in size.  And here’s the bad thing…unless I skim through them for any thing of interest, I usually feel bad deleting them unread as if some person had really taken the time to compose, then send the email to me personally.

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2010 Big 8-2+4 Predictions

Since my manhood may have been in question for withholding my predictions (but surely not my football mind); since my game-by-game predictions of seasons past has become obvious they had more popularity than I thought; since I am the oft-disputed champ of football prognostications (I whup all comers), how does this grab everyone?

My 2010 Saturday Football predictions (and comments) for the Big 8-2+4:

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Big 8 – 2 + 4: The 2010 Saturday Football prognostications

It’s Saturday Football time and here we go with the annual Pig 12 pigskin forecast. I’m sure at least two of my faithful will weigh in on this – I hope a few more will as well.

Prediction highlight summary:

Texas falls to the 3rd best pro team in the State this year but exercise their new right to television broadcast their commercialism across the football nation. Jerry Jones becomes a huge UT fan as he sees yet another opportunity to make a few extra bucks – Jerry is rumored to have already invited the Longhorns to play in the Super Bowl come February.

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Big 8 – 2 + 4: The 2010 Saturday Football Saga

I will admit, my procrastination this year in making predictions is all UT’s fault. Pardon me while I puke through my helmet ear hole as that one university single handedly sat down one day this summer and said “let’s scare the beegeebers out of everybody”. So they forearm shivered every other Little 11 teams in the noggin and gave their helmets a spin right there on top of their heads.

Big 8+4 has become the Big 8-2+4, the Little 10, The Big One (or as they say in Austin, “The Big Un”), The Longhorn League, The DeMac Conference, Conference Texas and The Others, The Big TeXas Conference. The new league logo is to have “The Others” mascots shown skewered on the horns of a grinning Longhorn.

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EHR: The Big 12 Republics

EHR (Email Humor Received) comes from OFB Tony, who got it from someone else. As per my lunch discussion with OFGaP JaiJai, I clarify the fact neither I nor OFB authored this – it, like all EHR, is merely passed on. But it is good and spot-on as well, don’t ya think?


Texas is like the USA – Wealthy, talented, and with seemingly endless resources. They have a big ego, but are deserving of it because they win at almost everything they do. Others often despise them out of jealousy. Their money and wealth make the world go round, and everyone wants a piece.

Texas A&M is like China – Big, powerful, and rival of Texas (USA). They live in a male dominated society, and thus their women are not allowed to be cheerleaders. Their money and power also make the world go round.

Oklahoma is like Mexico – Having no resources of their own, they have to invade the border of Texas (USA) in order to survive.

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Little 10 alumni armor-chink

Former UT QB Chrissy Sims gets himself arrested for drugging and driving…with his 8-month pregnant wife. no less 

Former UT RB Cedric “Barkeep, I’ll have another” Benson gets himself arrested for a lights-out punch to the face of an employee at an Austin bar. So then he goes and hires Big Bad Ben’s (Rothlisberger) attorney to represent him…hmmmm.

Former UT QB Vince-able Young…no, wait, I better not get started here on him.

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This is really pretty way cool

Those that frequent this blog know of my unquestionable loyalty to Kansas State University, both academically and athletically (let’s not mention the thousands of dollars they got from me here). Because of that, a reluctance to give “press” to the rival college(s) is stubbornly applied, i.e. just about anything to do with the University of Kansas or the rest of the Big 3+7 (another post yet to come). But with this post, I make a proud exception!

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