Sing with me

Many times in my life, music has moved me emotionally and spiritually to places I never imagined. Tonight I reflect back on a dear family friend lost today. She was a special lady and mother to OFSIL Becky. Today also stirs memories from within our soul. It is music, this music in particular, that always seem to ease my spirit, conquer my thoughts, and soothe my welcoming heart. Watch them if you want, I do hope one of these five favorite songs of mine give some comfort to a grieving family.

I join with the family in saying goodbye to Marge. My dear lady, your journey is really just beginning.

4 thoughts on “Sing with me

  1. I found this post using the search options. I hope that I am not intruding. I simply wanted to tell you that the music you’ve posted here is wonderful. Also, let me express my simpathy in your loss.


  2. piggie, you are a kind soul. I’m glad you enjoyed the music. I never tire of these songs (and many others of similar intent). thank you.


  3. Wow, Tim. Those particular songs stir deep feelings, tears, sobs, and joy! Such joy in celebrating my mother’s life and all she gave to us while she was with us here on earth. Now she and Nina watch from above as our guardian angels. What a wonderful and touching post, Tim. Thanks with all my heart. bec


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